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We are not talking about inventing; we are talking about reinventing. A traditional product prepared with an innovative touch. They are just like traditional meatballs, but filled with delicious flavours.

They are products with no preservatives or colourings, and less than 15% fat.

A variety that stands out due to the originality of the flavours. A range that is high in protein, low in fat and that provides a great source of phosphorus. They are also lactose and gluten free.

Enjoy them whenever you want. They are ready in 8 minutes without needing to be defrosted- straight to the pan!

Try our new stuffed meatballs as a snack, amuse-bouche or in more traditional recipes.
  • It’s no magic trick, just a high quality product.
  • Thanks to our preparation process, you don’t need to defrost anything; it can go straight to the pan!
  • No preservatives and no colourings.